HPC Student Extension 2023 Tournament

The “HPC Student Extension” tournament is a unique and large-scale event with the participation of over 600 players from 128 teams, each consisting of 5 players, immersing players into the lively world of Garena’s Arena of Valor. From September 18th, 2023, to November 16th, 2023, this tournament has garnered significant interest from the gaming community.

The event is organized by reputable entities such as local associations, Vietnam’s Youth Union, ESCA, VTC esports, and notably, its operations are carried out on the Underground Esports’ platform, creating a special experience for both players and spectators. UGEsports is not only a flexible and powerful platform but also an ideal environment for organizing and monitoring high-level eSports events.

The grand champion was rewarded to FPT Tra Da United team for their outstanding performance throughout the campaign

Utilizing UGEsports for this tournament not only facilitated easy management and operation for the organizers but also provided the best possible experience for players. It allowed them to focus on competing and showcasing their talents in the world of Arena of Valor. This heightened competitiveness and prize value make the event more attractive and remarkable within the gaming community.

Our team feels honored to be chosen as the technological platform for this event, and the valuable feedback received will contribute to the upcoming official release.


Underground Esports Team

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