The Miss AOV Championship S2 tournament has captured the attention of both gamers and esports enthusiasts, not only for its intense competition among teams but also for its emphasis on diversity and equal opportunities for both male and female participants.

A notable requirement for each team to include at least one female member, the tournament has brought a fresh and diverse atmosphere. It’s not just a competition to showcase talent and strategic prowess but also an opportunity to encourage and demonstrate unity in creating an inclusive environment for both genders.

Overnight Coffee has provided the best venue conditions for teams and attendees alike. It’s a battleground and a space for networking and sharing experiences among gamers, enhancing skills and understanding of the gaming community and esports in general.

AT Esports, the organizer has ensured smooth and professional operations in all aspects. From planning and staffing referees to event promotion and security management, AT Esports has demonstrated professionalism and dedication to the esports industry.

As usual, UGEsports has earned the trust of AT Esports to be the platform partner in providing tournament scheduling, player check-in, and bracket management for the tournament. We have learned a great deal in collaborating with industry experts to help us fine-tune our platform.

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