PEC Valorant Student Clash

The PEC Valorant Student Clash is poised to be a highlight in the competitive gaming scene, centered in Hà Đông, with a total prize pool of 17,000,000 VND. Sponsored by SPARTACUS GAMING CENTER and VNG CAMPUS, and operated by ESCA using UGEsports as an organizing platform, this event is set to bring together 32 teams from universities and colleges across Hà Đông District, Hanoi. Scheduled to take place on December 17, 2023, the teams will compete at the state-of-the-art facilities of Spartacus Gaming Center, promising an exhilarating showdown.

The tournament is a unique opportunity for 32 teams to showcase their Valorant skills and represent their respective universities and colleges. The competition will unfold at Spartacus Gaming Center, known for its cutting-edge gaming facilities, ensuring players have the ideal setting to display their prowess. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates this clash of student talents, the viewing party at the Quang Trung Hà Đông location offers a chance for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the live experience of the tournament.

SPARTACUS GAMING CENTER and VNG CAMPUS, as the primary sponsors, contribute significantly to the success of the PEC Valorant Student Clash. Their support highlights the growing recognition of esports within academic circles and reinforces the importance of such events in promoting a healthy gaming culture.

Underground Esports was honored to be the organizing platform for the whole tournament, ensuring a competitive and engaging experience for participants and viewers alike while saving time and effort for the organizing team. The gaming community eagerly awaits the spectacle that will unfold in Hà Đông, a testament to the thriving esports culture in Vietnam.

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