Unicorn Cyber Cup Season 3 Da Nang

After the success of two previous seasons, Zen Coffee anticipates an equally captivating Season 3 for the UNICORN CYBER CUP, a tournament that has become the focal point of the gaming community in Da Nang. Bearing the name “UNICORN CYBER CUP SEASON 3,” the tournament aims to place Da Nang on the Vietnamese gaming world’s map, hoping to create a pinnacle gaming experience no less thrilling than the preceding two seasons.

Da Nang, with its significant importance in the gaming community of the Central region, becomes the ideal location for this event. UNICORN CYBER CUP is a platform for teams to showcase their exceptional skills and an opportunity for fans to meet, interact, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the competition.

With a total prize pool of up to 6,000,000 VND, the tournament promises to be a battleground for intense and unpredictable matches. The primary sponsor, Unicorn Cyber Game, in collaboration with the organizer Zen Coffee, has set new standards for professionalism and innovation in tournament organization.

The Underground Esports team was honored to be providing the organization platform for the tournament to help organizers streamline its operation and focus their energy on hosting the tournament at its best. This collaboration represents a significant step forward, making UNICORN CYBER CUP SEASON 3 one of the most anticipated events in the gaming scene of Da Nang and the Central region.

The UGEsports team would like to send our appreciation to Zen Coffee and Unicorn Cyber Game for trusting us with the tournament management platform.

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