AOV Rise to the Glory Season 3 Inter Clubs Tournament

The AOV Rise to the Glory Season 3 Inter Clubs Tournament officially kicked off on October 14th and 15th, marking a significant event that not only signifies the intense competition among 140 regions and colleges nationwide across Vietnam but also serves as a platform for young talents to shine and elevate their team’s name to glory.

Among the highlights, the partnership with Underground Esports, honored to accompany and provide the platform for the AOV Liên Câu Lạc Bộ 3 tournament, is more than just a supportive gesture—it’s a commitment to the development of the Liên Quân community across the entire country. Known for its credibility and professionalism, Underground Esports has established a fair and dramatic gaming environment, allowing participating teams the opportunity to showcase their skills and strategies to the fullest.

The support from Underground Esports extends beyond the national level, reaching out to the player community with 465 participants from 10 regions across provinces and cities nationwide. Furthermore, the tournament attracts the participation of 950 players from 12 esports clubs at universities, creating a diverse and highly competitive environment.
With the combination of the tournament’s prestige and the professionalism of Underground Esports, The Inter Club Season 3 is not only a platform for young talents to demonstrate their abilities but also an engaging playground, sparking passion, and creating memorable experiences for the Liên Quân player community.

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