Underground Esports selected for the Google Cloud for Web3 Startups program

We’re super excited to announce that Underground Esports (UGEsports) has been selected to join the Google Cloud for Web3 Startup Program! This is a huge step for us, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with Google, the infrastructure that powered Google Search and YouTube, to take our Web3 project to the next level.

The Google Cloud for Web3 Startup Program is designed to help early-stage Web3 startups like ours build and scale the businesses. This program is not only packed with incredible resources to help us build and scale our ambitious Web3 projects, but it also comes with a $200,000 credit grant – a significant boost that will fuel our innovation and growth.

We’re particularly excited about the opportunity to access Google’s web3 products, such as: Google Blockchain API, BigQuery Blockchain Data, and Anthos for Multi-Cloud.

What is of equal importance is that Underground Esports will get access to premier critical blockchain services such as Alchemy and Thirdweb, those that are critical building blocks in our mission to bring seamless web3 experiences to the mainstream.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The $200,000 credit grant will provide us with the financial flexibility to experiment, iterate, and bring our revolutionary Web3 ideas to life. This support is crucial for early-stage startups like ours, where every dollar counts in our pursuit of innovation.

We would also want to send a big appreciation to Cloud Ace team, Google’s Top Managed Service Provider for guiding us along the way. We are excited to continue the journey ahead!

Onwards and upwards,

Underground Esports team

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