Powering Arena of Valor ROG Phone Young League 2022

We want to share an important update on our humble development of UGEsports after months of hard work behind closed doors.

UGEsports will be powering the backend management for ROG Phone Young League 2022 consisting of 256 high school teams of 5 competing in Arena of Valor for a prize pool of USD2500. The tournament is organized by ESCA Vietnam – a very well-known organizer in Vietnam and Mot Game – one of the most active esports media channels in Vietnam.

In the past few months, we have been working very hard in designing a product-market fit. Today our Proof-of-Concept version has been deemed sufficient in helping professional organizers like ESCA Vietnam to host and manage the logistics of esports tournaments in key workflows such as bracket seeding, player and team registration, pre-match check-in, result reporting, bracket advancement, etc. This will be the first time our alpha version be out in the field, serving close to 1,500 players competing in the tournaments.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work alongside ESCA Vietnam, Mot Game and learn valuable on-field experiences.

We take this as an important opportunity to be in the field to talk to players, organizers, the media, and other industry insiders to further gain insights and feedback. Specifically, our team will be conducting various focus groups with team and players, monitoring the platform performance, UX bottlenecks, etc. These observations and data will be key to further fine-tuning the POC version as we are moving gradually to a Minimum Viable Product version.

For now, that’s it. Stay tuned!

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