Grand AOV Four-Directions Winter War 2023

The highest-level, professional-scale community eSports tournament in Vietnam – Four Directions Winter War 2023 has officially returned with a total prize of up to 140,000,000 VND & 2 spots to participate in the promotion round of the Arena of Fame – the Spring Hope 2024.

Four Directions Great War Winter 2023 will carry the message “Dare To Change” – The Joint Council wishes that provinces, cities, and schools in all regions of the country, always keep their own values and identities and Let’s change together: Strength – Mindset – Attitude – Experience – Conquest to have better achievements and experiences, bringing Pride to our Region or School. This will be a connection and change between people in the same area so that the community unites to create a sustainable community with great strength, bringing glory to the pride of its region.

UGEsports is proud to be selected as the tournament platform of choice for most participating colleges and communities across Vietnam for the selection round of this biggest AOV tournament. The last few weeks of August have seen a surge in activities by organizers and gamers competing for places in the final games.

This is a testament to our continuing effort in working with grassroots organizers, and mainstream players to provide the best possible experiences for these high-quality competitions to take place. Although we are still in the beta phase, we are grateful for the support and feedback from the community.

Check out some of the pictures from the competition:

UGEsports Team

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