What to expect in our official launch (Part 1)

Dear valued organizers and players, we are beyond excited to explain the upcoming changes in UGEsports’ official launch, moving out of the beta phase. So what’s in store for everyone?

Let’s find out

Beyond the fundamental features launched and utilized in the POC version, such as Create and Manage Tournament, Create and Manage Team, Tournament Participation, Team Participation, and Manage User Profile, our upcoming release will introduce additional interesting and valuable features to enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Create tournaments with templates.

Empower yourself as an esports tournament organizer with our latest feature! Now, users can effortlessly craft their own tournaments using various templates. Our platform streamlines the process by offering pre-configured tournament templates complete with brackets and rules, making it a breeze for organizers, even amateurs, to set up basic tournaments without any hassle or confusion.

  1. Update the new bracket.

In the upcoming version, the round-robin bracket type will become available for use. Organizers will gain the ability to combine the round-robin and single-elimination formats from the POC. This feature empowers organizers to create tournaments spanning multiple stages, offering a more diverse and dynamic tournament experience.

  1. Custom registration process (private code, custom fields, schedule)

Organizers now have complete control over tailoring the registration process for their tournaments. They can generate private codes for exclusive participant access and customize registration forms with personalized fields. Additionally, they gain the ability to schedule the registration period, ensuring ample time for meticulous preparation. This feature puts the power of tournament setup directly into the hands of organizers, enabling them to create exclusive, precisely structured tournaments.

  1. Schedule check-in

In our upcoming release, organizers have the ability to schedule dedicated check-in periods. This powerful feature allows efficient management, ensuring participants can seamlessly check in within specified time frames. With this capability, organizers can streamline tournament logistics, enhance participant experience, and maintain an organized and punctual start to their tournaments.

  1. Invite team members

Get ready for enhanced tournament participation! In our latest update, organizers gain the power to invite fellow platform users to join their team. This feature enables team leaders to actively collaborate with friends, recruit skilled players encountered in tournaments, and build stronger teams, fostering real-life connections and the incorporation of standout players within their tournament rosters.