As an esports player, what do you need?

This article will not cover the pro players but rather the millions of everyday mainstream esports players, UGEsports‘s key target customer. Our research shows that mainstream esports players have a number of needs that must be met in order to ensure their overall enjoyment and success within the esports community. Some of the critical needs of mainstream esports players include:

  1. Access to high-quality gaming equipment: Esports players need access to high-quality gaming equipment, such as gaming laptops, gaming desks, gaming chairs, and gaming keyboards, in order to perform at their best.
  2. Reliable internet connectivity: Esports players rely on fast and reliable internet connectivity to be able to play and compete online with minimal lag and interruptions.
  3. Competitive matches: Esports players need access to a steady stream of competitive matches that challenge their skills and allow them to test their abilities against other players.
  4. Community: Esports players thrive in social communities where they can connect with like-minded individuals, discuss strategies, and share tips and experiences.
  5. Professional training: To become successful esports players, many amateur players need professional training to help them develop their skills and refine their strategies.
  6. Revenue opportunities: Many professional esports players depend on their gaming careers for their livelihood, so having access to revenue-generating opportunities, such as sponsored events and product placements, is essential.
  7. Industry recognition: Esports players seek recognition and validation within the industry, including opportunities to participate in professional tournaments and events, to establish themselves as top players.

UGEsports were born out to help fix issue number 3, 4, 6, and 7 primarily. We intend to be the platform where esports players will be able to find competitive matches easily, take part in tournaments/leagues, win prizes; socialize with like-minded and earn recognition via an immutable, publicly accessible, tamper-proof ledger that lives on a blockchain. As a player, you will own your own data and accomplishments which would open countless opportunities for you.